Deny Parole to Terrorist

Hampig "Harry" Sassounian

Hampig Sassounian

Armenian Justice Commandos Assassin

Sassounian committed the cold blooded murder of Los Angeles Turkish Consul General Kemal Arikan at a busy intersection, shooting him 14 times with an accomplice who later escaped to the Middle East. According to the FBI, both were members of a terrorist organization. Sassounian shows no remorse for his acts of terrorism, advocates armed struggle, and has been denied parole multiple times.  He must continue to serve his life sentence.

  • Convicted terrorist, 1st degree murderer should not be released from jail.
  • Sassounian is an operative of the Justice Commandos, one of the most active Middle Eastern terrorist organizations in America, according to FBI.
  • Sassounian shows no remorse for his terrorist acts, threatens further acts.
  • Prison psychiatrist warns “no assurances” against further violence by Sassounian.
  • Egregious irregularities at Sassounian’s parole hearing, revealed in transcript, shows violations of state and federal law, victim’s rights.


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Urge Governor Brown to Deny Parole to Terrorist


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